Broken In Refraction LP Collection


Broken In Refraction LP Collection

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Broken In Refraction LP - Ultra Clear w/ Heavy Olive Green and Black Splatter
The Infringement Of God's Plan Silver LP
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Track List:
1 - …An Empty Thought
2 - The Final Fraction
3 - Paralysis
4 - Answers From A Syringe
5 - Radial Lacerations
6 - Mirror Syndrome
7 - Conscious In A Coma
8 - Infants In Plastic
9 - Cordia
10 - Shattering Man
11 - Creation…

Pressing Info:
300 - PN Exclusive - Deep Purple/Bone A-Side/B-Side w/ Heavy Doublemint & Black Splatter
200 - Indie Retail - White and Deep Purple Pinwheel
250 - Tour - Half Black / Half White
1250 - Various - Ultra Clear w/ Heavy Olive Green and Black Splatter

Album release date is July 26th, 2019

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